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Dock Medics LLC can provide all of your maritime construction needs or work in conjunction with other companies in fulfilling a particular phase or portion of your project.  Dock Medics repairs exisitng structures, do full teardowns and build new structure to your exact specificaitons.  Dock Medics listens to its clients and will exceed your unique and specific needs.




Dock Medics prides itself on providing exceptional customer service.  After all, we are not only building a poject but building a relationship with you.

You will always feel that you are being taken care of every step of the project from initial consultation to final sign-off. 



Dock Medics provides free on-site estimates in a written proposal detailing your project.


Steps to Your Project Completion:


  • Contact Dock Medics for a free estimate on your project
  • Dock Medics performs an on-site visit that works with your schedule to discuss your project
  • Dock Medics will provide a formal written proposal, answer any questions, revise your proposal, and conduct follow-up meetings to ensure your complete satisfaction with the proposal
  • Dock Medics will work out a payment schedule that will coincide with the construction work
  • Dock Medics will submit all of the necessary local, state and federal permits for your project
  • Before and after pictures will be taken which demonstrates all phases of our work


We listen to everything that you have to say.  
We also keep in mind that you may not know exactly how to express your thoughts in technical terms, so we’ll listen and ask questions to interprete your exact needs.




Dock Medics uses a computer aided design (CAD) application to design its marine projects, which are then provided to our clients in a PDF format.

Getting the right permits can be a daunting process that usually involves a great deal of research and paperwork.  Dock Medics will manage the entire process ensuring that the proper agency permits are obtained in order to proceed with your specific project.  The process to obtain permits can range from as little as two months up to twelve months depending on the type and complexity of the project being built.  All the work performed by Dock Medics is in accordance with the stringent environmental rules and regulations that govern the marine construction industry.



The most imortant aspect of marine dock construction is the installation of the pilings.  This is where Dock Medics excels; it is both an art and a science.  Prior to dock construction a site visit is crucial to determin the vital facots that affect piling installation.  Some of the factors considered are water depth, waterway bottom characteristics and the amount of potential piling penetration.  Dock Medics uses the proper equipment to install your pilings correctly with a hammer driven technique versus the air technique






Dock Medics utilizes pile driving to ensure the proper installation of your dock.  All of your dock pilings will line up neatly and provide a clean appearance of your dock.

For the stationary dock framework, we use various materials ranging from pressure treated wood, Azek, Composite, or Ipe materials.  All materials are of premium quality, in a wide variety of colors, to present exceptional appearance.

Dock Medics uses only stainless steel screws and bolts to attach the decking and framewrok.  The reason for this is stainless steel will last a lifetime versus using galvanized screws.



  • Marinas
  • Decks
  • Docks
  • Boardwalks
  • Ballard Poles
  • Wood Retainging Walls
  • Repair
  • Boat lifts up to 80,000lbs.
  • Pile Driving




From jet-ski davits to all size boat lifts (500 lb. to 80,000 lb. capacities), Dock Medics will install the proper unit for your need.  We will help you determine the best device for the area and situation and complete the installation, repair and service to give you a finished package.  Boat lifts are indispensable for completing repair work and extending the life of your precious craft.

Dock Medics installs a variety of lifts for any size boat all of which are safe, user-friendly, and convenient.  Our experienced personnel will help you make the best boat lift choice for you to enhance your waterfront property value.






If you are hiring a licensed marine contractor they should be covered by General Liability Insurance and workman’s compensation specific to the marine industry.

Workers compensation should be:  United States Longshore and Harborworkers’ Compensation Act (USL&H) also known as the Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, which also is known as the Jones Act.

USH&L: Is a federal act designed to provide compensation to an employee if an injury or death occurs upon navigable waters of the US.

Unlike State Workers’ Compensation, which is regulated, Longshore claims fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Labor.  Longshore claims can have a higher benefits schedule, more server penalties and legal ramifications for noncompliance.

The Jones Act: is a federal act, which provides employee benefits-similar to Workers’Compensation-to masters and members of a US-flagged vessel.  (A “flagged vessel” can be  a pontoon baot taking a crew to a job site, a small 17′ center console used to push a barge for bulkhead construction or an ocean liner).  State Act Worker’ Compensation plans DO NOT cover vessel crew and employees can bring action against their employer for negligence.